Tissues for issues


Tissues for issues So why exactly does a photographic shop require a box of tissues to be on the counter? No, we are not incredibly messy eaters (well, perhaps a couple of us are) but we find our customers are often reduced to tears after the service we provide. Ah! Perhaps we could have phrased that better. Let us explain:- We all have photographs tucked away in our houses which, until that certain moment, lay dormant and neglected. Then something triggers off a memory of a loved one, a special moment, a long forgotten friend or a holiday. Whatever it is, we seek out that certain picture only to discover that age and storage has deteriorated it. Sometimes the photograph has just faded along with your memories, perhaps the damage is worse – rips, creases, water damage etc. That is when the sadness hits. Memories are priceless. However, as many of our customers have discovered, all is not lost. Why not bring your treasured photographs into our shop and let us see how we can help. Some of the restorations that we can carry out are amazing. Just look at these examples. Pretty impressive eh?

So go on. Give us a chance to impress. We are sure you will be delighted and you may even be reduced to tears but don't worry, we even supply the tissues!

09 2015