Video Cine Transfers

At Barkers Photographic we offer a service to transfer your precious cine and videos to DVD for your future enjoyment and convenience of viewing.

We transfer VHS video, VHS-C , Video 8 / Hi8 / Digital 8 and mini DV (small tapes that also went into a camcorder) onto DVD.

We can also transfer cine films such as 8mm, super 8, 16mm, 9.5mm onto DVD.

All procedures are automated as it would be unrealistic if every frame of every movie was to be monitored. Most companies offering this service are pretty much the same - so why choose to use Barkers Photographic above the others?

The answer is both simple and obvious. We have a high street presence and you deal with real people. You actually bring your films and videos into our shop. You don'‚t have to package them, pay for postage and hope that they arrive at their destination undamaged. When we have completed the transfer you simply collect them, no worries about them fitting through your letter box, waiting in for the postman or transit damage.....the whole process is much simpler.

AND, in the unlikely event of encountering a problem you talk to real people, not a voice synthesised answering service that has become such an irritation in our lives. In a nutshell here at Barkers we offer a good old fashioned face to face service.

Give Barkers Photographic a try, we wont disappoint.

VHS Transfer Prices

Qty Price
1 - 5 £14.99
6 - 19 £12.99
20 - 49 £9.99
50 + £8.99

Cine Film Transfer Prices

Qty 50ft 200ft 400ft
1 - 5 £29.99 £39.99 £59.99
6 - 10 £24.99 £34.99 £54.99
11 + please ask please ask please ask