Please try to arrive about 10 minutes before your appointment so you can settle in and not feel rushed. You will be offered a complimentary drink. Our photographer will introduce themselves and ask you a few informal questions. The answers will determine the mood and feel of the photo shoot. This is designed to give you the best result and lead to some fantastic photographs. In preparation for your session it would help if you could think about and have some answers ready to the following:

1) What is your favourite colour

2) Do you prefer traditional or modern

3) Do you have a preference for colour or black and white

4) Do you prefer light or dark backgrounds

5) Do you prefer happy or thoughtful


Rules (yes we have rules)

1) Enjoy Yourself

2) See rule number one

Okay, seriously, this is about you having fun and enjoying yourself which will enable us to get great photos.

Please feel free to:

1)Bring a change of clothes

2) Bring along friends and / or family to join in the photo shoot

3) Ask for specific poses if that is what you want

4) Bring along any props you wish – or ask us – we do have a limited amount of props for your use


Many people ask us “What do I wear?” We are not too picky with clothing choices. Of course you want to make sure that you look your best, and above all, are comfortable. We suggest wearing something that you've always wanted to wear, but didn't know exactly when to wear it. Well this is the time! Have that cute little skirt that has been hanging up in your closet for the past 8 months? It's time to get it out.

A few tips and tricks to deciding on what to wear: If there is more than one person in the shoot, do not over colour coordinate. Choose a style and general colour or theme. A general colour could be greens and blues, or different shades of red. A theme could be retro or classic. Wearing perfectly matching outfits sometimes detracts from making the photo interesting. Of course you shouldn't under coordinate as well. Just make sure you all look good together.

Simple patterns or solid coloured clothing is the way to go. Unless you are doing a model shoot with some outrageous outfit, try to find something that isn't too busy. Be comfortable. The more comfortable the clothing, the more comfortable you will be with yourself.

You can bring a full change of clothes or maybe have accessories like hat or jewellery to change the outfit a bit. Bring a scarf or jacket to layer on top. This will give you a variety of pictures.

Some DON'TS: ( unless that is the effect you want )

Don't wear overly bright clothing. Unless that's part of a theme!

Don't wear pure white shirts/tops in a group with others wearing all black shirts/tops.

Shirts with writing on it or large logos.

Overly matching outfits.. i.e: All black, or just one colour.